Caritas calls for immediate opening of humanitarian corridor in Lebanon

.- Caritas International has asked all parties involved in the Middle East conflict to immediately open a humanitarian corridor in order to help the Lebanese population caught between the two warring sides.

In a statement released earlier this week through Caritas Spain, the organization condemned Israel for reversing its decision to halt the bombardment of Beirut for 48 hours after more than 50 civilians were killed during an attack on the Lebanese village of Qana.

Caritas reports that civilians, “remain terrified at refuge centers and do not risk leaving, out of fear of being a target of the attacks.”  It added that humanitarian agencies, “seem powerless to provide swift and rapid assistance” to the population, which lacks potable water, food, and medicine.

In addition to, “an immediate and unconditional ceasefire,” Caritas is requesting the safety of all humanitarian organizations and their workers be guaranteed.  It is also calls for the release of Israeli soldiers and of the Palestinian officials who have been arrested, as well as for the deployment of an international peacekeeping force and the restarting of peace talks.

“In support of our workers and volunteers who are risking their lives every day by helping others, and in solidarity with all those who are suffering, we believe it is right to direct the attention of the entire world to this humanitarian disaster that is spreading all over Lebanon and to call on all persons of good will to demand peace,” the statement indicated.

Caritas Spain also emphasized that, “peace is an unalienable right of every human being,” and that, “according to International law, military attacks must not deliberately target civilians.”

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