Catalan officials seek to promote homosexuality during family festival


The president of the Institute for Family Policy in the Spanish region of Cataluna, Liberto Senderos, has denounced regional government officials for organizing a workshop promoting homosexuality at a family festival in Barcelona.


According to officials, the “workshop” is intended for children of all ages and will focus on “family diversity.”  The workshop’s activities will include card games that families can play with their children to teach them to “understand and accept today’s diverse family structures,” which include “single-parent and homosexual parent” families.


Senderos said the workshop is an attempt to “indoctrinate children to make them think that anything can be a family and to support the interests and proposals of minority groups.”


“Instead of helping and promoting the family,” he said, “the government wants to impose a new model of society at the service of its ideology, disregarding the opinion of the majority of parents in Cataluna.”


Senderos said the event is just another example of the government’s attempts to marginalize the family and promote of other kinds of relationships.