Catholic group won't endorse Romney before VP pick

Catholic group won't endorse Romney before VP pick

.- Presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s choice for vice president is such a critical decision that Catholic Advocate has said it will not endorse the candidate until his running mate is announced.

“Catholics and all people of faith need to be assured that they have a real choice between candidates on the crucial issues of life, marriage, religious liberty, and economic policies that will help to alleviate poverty,”  Catholic Advocate Chairman Deal W. Hudson said April 16.

Matt Smith, the president of Catholic Advocate, emphasized the importance of the vice presidential pick.
“People of faith across the country have told us they want a clear choice between the major political parties and that begins with a nominee’s first major personnel choice,” he said.

The D.C.-based Catholic Advocate is a non-partisan group that encourages faithful Catholics to participate in the political process in support of elected officials and policies consistent with Catholic teaching.

The group decided to delay endorsement after its recent meetings with Catholics at its Call to Catholic Citizenship grassroots activist training seminars.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, told ABC News he has named his former chief of staff Beth Myers to lead the search for his vice presidential pick.

A good vice presidential nominee is known to help a presidential candidate strengthen geographic, demographic, or political weaknesses. Vice presidents can also become their parties’ leading contenders for future presidential nominations.

Hudson said the choice of running mate will signal the kinds of cabinet and Supreme Court appointments that Romney will make if he is elected president.

“We look forward to Governor Romney announcing a running mate faithful Catholics across the country can support because of where they stand on the issues facing our families and our country,” Smith said.

Catholic Advocate’s Call to Catholic Citizenship has held grassroots activist training seminars in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Iowa. Upcoming sessions are scheduled in Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Florida, Nevada, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

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