Catholic Band Strives to Catechize Through Music


Mike Grothem had been in many bands before, but never one like this.

“As I continued to grow closer to Christ, I wanted to find Catholic music”, he says, but hours turned into days, weeks, and months, still I had not found a single band that I really liked,” Grothem recalls while retelling the story which led he, his wife Angie and friend Dan Angius to start the band Seven Sorrows, named in honor of the seven sorrows of Mary.

“Our lyrics are very straight forward and deal with topics like abortion, contraception, dying to self, confession, adoration, and more” Grothem says referring to their music which he says “ranges from rock, to punk, to hardcore, to emo, to acoustic
songs for adoration, to chants in Latin.”

“We are pretty much the only Catholic band in the world that sounds the way we do,” said Grothem referring to the bands unique style.

A major aspect that sets this band apart is what Grothem calls a “calling to give everything away for free.”

The group decided that giving away their music for free would allow them to share their message and be heard by countless more young people than if they charged.

Some have criticized the group for the odd move but Grothem responded, “true Catholic
teaching is so anti-world/anti-U.S. culture, so alot of what God calls us to do makes no since in men's eyes.”

We are trying to bring youth closer to God and his beautiful Church.  So what would be the best us making money, or by reaching as many as we can?”

It’s hard to argue with the band, who have played venues around the country like the Steubenville Youth Conferences and especially love going to churches who otherwise couldn’t afford the cost of most speakers or bands.

“With over 2000 cds, 200 shirts, countless prayer cards, rosaries, brochures, stickers, pins, and the costs of recording....we are still about $150 ahead”, Grothem proudly stated.

The group also offers talks and catechesis at their concerts. More information about Seven Sorrows can be found at

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