Catholic priest and rabbi to participate in debate on “The Passion of the Christ” in Argentina


An Argentinean discussion group is organizing a debate on Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” on March 30 between a Catholic priest and a Jewish rabbi.

The debate, sponsored by the Club Gente de Prensa, will inaugurate the group’s series of discussions for this year, and will feature Msgr. Luis Heriberto Rivas and Rabbi Angel Kreiman.

Msgr. Rivas is a priest of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires with degrees in Theology and Sacred Scripture.  He is currently a professor in Sacred Scripture and has published numerous book and articles.

Rabbi Kreiman is Vice President of the World Association of Synagogues and author of the book, “The Church Dialogues With The Synagogue.”

Msgr. Rivas said it “is absolutely ridiculous to say [the film] is anti-Semitic,” adding that “if one wants to find anti-Semitism, its because he or she has it inside.”  “We are all guilty [of the death of Jesus].  It’s a conspiracy of guilt, including even the disciples, given that one fled and another betrayed him,” he added.

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