Catholic Senator won't say if he agrees with Cardinal Rigali's pro-life statement

Catholic Senator won't say if he agrees with Cardinal Rigali's pro-life statement


Pro-life Catholic Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. (D-Pa.) wouldn’t give a clear response when asked if he agreed with Cardinal Justin Rigali’s Nov. 20 statement that there is “no way” the current Senate health care bill can be supported as it currently stands, since it permits tax dollars to fund abortions.


“I'm not going to comment on what he (Rigali) has said in particular,” said Sen. Casey to reporters on Tuesday. “I'm not one who compares what I say versus what someone else says about the bill.”


Though Sen. Casey, a self-professed pro-life Catholic, stated in the interview that his position is to “continue the consensus that's been in existence for 25 years that tax payer dollars don't pay for abortion,” he declined to say whether or not he supported the Archbishop of Philadelphia's public disapproval of the current Senate bill.


Sen. Casey came under criticism earlier this year by the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania for being “inconsistent” in his pro-life voting record. The diocese issued an online statement in April that referred to the Senator's stand against the Mexico City Policy as well as his vote to appoint a pro-abortion candidate as solicitor general.


The April 27 statement said that the Bishop Joseph Martino of the Scranton Diocese “has communicated with Sen. Casey about these issues, and his responsibilities as a Catholic and public official” and “will continue to monitor the Senator's positions and votes concerning life issues.”

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