Catholic students express hope in new Pope


Students at Pope John Paul II Catholic High School in Hendersonville, Tenn., said they hope the new Pope will maintain and protect the traditions and teachings of the Church.

"I just really want to see a strong leader for the Church and just someone who can stay moral and keep the tradition and the teachings of the Church," said student Jenna Voor.

The students paused from their studies to watch newly elected Pope Benedict XVI address the faithful and give his first blessing.
Only two weeks ago, a group of students, parents and faculty were at the Vatican on a school trip and were present to receive Pope John Paul II’s last public blessings in St. Peter’s Square.

Fr. John Sappenfield shared the moment of the announcement of the new Pope with his students. He said he continued to monitor the television during his class, called Church History and the Sacraments.

"I happened to check the TV and it looked like smoke was coming out and I told the kids to turn the monitor up,” he said. "We lived through a great moment in history. Something that many of these kids will never forget."

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