Feminist Violence

Catholic women in Argentina target of attacks at National Encounter of Women


The 22nd annual National Encounter of Women held in Cordoba, Argentina, became a platform for launching attacks against Catholic women who participated in the event.  Numerous women were physically assaulted by feminist groups whose purpose in attending was to promote abortion and gender ideology.

Emilio Nazar of the NOVA news agency reported that according to women present at the event, “violence has been the mark of the event’s two days.  Attempts were made to forcefully expel Catholic women, and at workshops held below ground where there were few exits, women were hit on their shoulders, backs and legs.”

Nazar said the event, whose attendees were overwhelmingly in favor of abortion, was marked by blatant attacks against the faith and against anyone who voiced an opinion contrary to the feminist agenda.

“The women discussed the issue of discrimination and violence by men against women, but never did they discuss the violence of women against women.  And such was the case at the event’s very workshops,” Nazar stated.

Catholic women at the event could only resort to calling security on their cell phones, he went on.  “…[T]his is a women’s encounter, but that does not mean a ‘liberated zone’ where women cannot commit crimes against others.  This is neither democratic, nor pluralistic, nor tolerable,” he emphasized.

On the last day of the event, feminists attempted to march to the Cathedral of Cordoba to vandalize the church with pro-abortion graffiti.  While they were prevented from reaching the church, several businesses along the way were damaged.
While the encounter was billed as an opportunity to discuss poverty, education, unions, globalization, external debt, and social and religious problems, the workshops were predominantly about abortion and homosexuality.

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