Catholics For a Free Choice open office in Chile


The pro-abortion, feminist organization “Catholics For a Free Choice” has opened its first office in Chile and begun issuing statements and presenting itself as an organization of believers seeking changes in the Church.

Although the history of the group, led by Frances Kissling, is well known, as well as its efforts to have the Vatican expelled from the UN, the group’s arrival in Chile has caused some commotion due to the lack of knowledge about its true aims.

CFF has opened an office in downtown Valparaiso, where it presents itself as a group of believers challenging the Church and promoting the use of contraceptives, the morning after pill, and the legalization of abortion, under the slogan, “Motherhood should be voluntary.”

The bishop of Valparaiso has issued a statement saying, “The institution called Catholics for a Free Choice is not part of the Catholic Church, and its position on moral issues clearly contradicts the teaching of the Church.”

Nevertheless, members of CFF insist that they consider themselves part of the Church, although they never reveal that they are financed by international abortion groups.  Part of their activities thus far in Chile has been to encourage homosexual groups and mothers in difficult situations to take part in a pro-abortion rally in September.

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