Catholics oppose broadcast of “Popetown” in New Zealand

.- A Catholic organization in New Zealand is insisting that a local television station scrap the broadcast of the highly controversial made-for-TV animation, Popetown.

Family Life International wrote to the managment of C4, saying that they were “dismayed” that the television station had intentions of broadcasting “the highly offensive” program.

Popetown was produced for the BBC, but it decided to shelve it after receiving complaints and realizing that it would cause offence to Catholics.

Popetown “is nothing more than a mockery of the leadership, practice and beliefs of Catholics,” said Brendan Malone, on behalf of Family Life International. The portrayal of the pope is “disrespectful and degrading,” he added.

The creators of the program describe the main character of the pope as a “77-year-old eccentric with all the charm of an obnoxious seven-year-old (who likes Fr. Nicholas so much that he takes baths with him).”

Popetown also includes sinister, corrupt and wealthy cardinals and the fame-obsessed TV reporter, Sr. Penelope.

The claim from the creators of Popetown that it is not meant to offend and that it is ‘not about the Vatican; it is about the hierarchy and bureaucracy in any company’ is absolutely ridiculous,” said Malone in his letter.

“Popetown is set in the Vatican; the main characters are Catholic clergy, cardinals, and religious sisters, and the Catholic Church is not a company. Despite any claims to the contrary, this program has everything to do with the Vatican,” he continued.

Malone is urging other Catholics to make their views on this program known to C4.

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