Catholics urged to support new pro-life film

Catholics urged to support new pro-life film


Catholics must rally to give the pro-life feature film Bella a chance at a good theater run in the United States, says Colin Mason, media director for Population Research Institute.

Mason is urging Catholics across the country to call the film’s producers and tell them how important the film is. He also suggests organizing church groups and youth groups to see the film so that it can get a wider distribution. The film delivers a pro-life message in a way that is appealing to younger people and the general public, it will get wider distribution.

Bella, which is produced by Metanoia Films, tells the story of a young single waitress in New York City who becomes pregnant, loses her job, and struggles with the decision of whether or not to keep her child.  In the meantime, she encounters a mysteriously compassionate Latino chef, who has suffered a tragedy in his past, and is perhaps the only person in her life who really cares about her. During the course of the film, a decision is reached that will change both of their lives.
The film won the Toronto’s coveted People’s Choice Award in September 2006.  It is currently touring colleges to create interest in a theatrical run. Mason, who recently watched the film, with about 200 students from Christendom College, said, “The experience was deeply rewarding to me.”
“Bella is not only an artistic triumph, but a moral and spiritual one as well,” he stated.  The film is ideal for anyone who is an adolescent or older since it does not contain violence, sex or blasphemy.
“Without pontificating or moralizing, the movie is artistically direct, viscerally powerful, and steadfastly pro-life,” said Mason. “There is no pretentious posturing, no political overtones.  It’s just simple, and powerful, stirring basic emotions that are fundamental to the human experience.  So fundamental, in fact, audiences of all political persuasions have fallen for the film.”
Metanoia Films, the small production company responsible for the movie, states its mission as “to use film to make a positive difference in the culture and in peoples’ lives.”

A preview of the film is available at

To contact Metanoia email [email protected].


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