Celebration of the Liturgy provides hope, says Holy Father’s message to conference

Celebration of the Liturgy provides hope, says Holy Father’s message to conference

.- The Holy See made public today a letter written by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, in the name of Pope Benedict XVI, to participants in the 57th National Italian Liturgy Week, which began on Monday and will end on Friday.  In his letter, addressed to Bishop Luca Brandolini, the cardinal reminded participants that the celebration of the liturgy provides hope for the world through its interconnectedness with the Pascal mystery.

Sodano said that, “to reflect upon the significance of the celebration of the liturgy as a font of hope for all, is to place the attention on the event of the death and resurrection of Christ, the foundation of our hope.  The cardinal pointed out the affirmation of Peter (1 Pt 1,3-4) that our hope is in the resurrection of Christ and how “through the celebration of the liturgy, man is inserted in the Pascal Mystery.”

As such, the cardinal said, the liturgy encompasses all aspects of human existence and provides hope for all of human history.  

Sodano pointed to the first Encyclical of Pope Benedict, “Deus caritas est,” which reminds believers that the liturgy transmits the love of God into our daily lives.  “In the Church's Liturgy, in her prayer, in the living community of believers, we experience the love of God, we perceive his presence and we thus learn to recognize that presence in our daily lives (n. 17),” the Pope wrote.

The Cardinal Secretary of State said that the prayer of the Mass opens the lives of mankind, “to the project of God and encourages us to become docile instruments in His hands,” in order to transform the surrounding world and all of human history.

“The celebration of the liturgy, freeing the heart of man from daily angst, provides new faith; the moment of the celebration communicates the joy of hoping in a greater world, of living in the Church, of being beloved of God and being able to remain in that love, which forgives and saves you.”

Sodano said that the theme of the conference “We celebrate Jesus Christ, hope of the world” is also an excellent preparation for the upcoming Ecclesial Meeting of the Church in Italy and assured all participants of the prayers and Apostolic Blessing of the Holy Father.

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