Certainty of the faith should impregnate daily life of Christians, archbishop says

.- Archbishop Hector Aguer of La Plata called on Argentineans this week who claim to be Christians to lead a life that this consistent with the faith they profess.

Citing the popular saying, “He who does not live as he thinks will end up thinking as he lives,” the archbishop said Christians should allow the “certainty of the faith to impregnate our personality and influence our behavior.”

During his weekly program, “Keys to a Better World,” Archbishop Aguer said if there is no coherence between “our behavior and our thoughts, sooner or later we will ending up trying to justify the way we live.”  

“Living as one thinks implies, moreover, recognizing the value of particular certainties and of firm and absolute certainties regarding fundamental questions of the human condition.  Who am I? Where I am from and where am I going? Why does evil exist? What is beyond this life? And other fundamental questions that we must respond to, and if we do not have these firm certainties regarding these fundamental questions, we cannot live in a completely human way,” he explained.

He also recalled that Pope John Paul II said that “man can be defined as one who searches for the truth,” and therefore “the search for the truth does not remain stagnant in itself, in the same place, but rather the intention is to arrive at those absolute and firm certainties upon which the coherence between thought and action lies.”

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