Chilean bishop reminds faithful Sunday is Day of the Lord

.- Auxiliary Bishop Cristian Contreras Villarroel of Santiago, Chile, reminded the faithful this week that “not everything in our society ought to be based on economic relations” and he encourage them to value Sunday as the Day of the Lord.

In an article entitled, “Sunday,” published by the Chilean daily El Mercurio, Bishop Contreras gave an overview of the history of the importance of Sunday in the Church and denied that it was something imposed upon society by Christian culture.

For believers, he said, Sunday should be a day to reflect upon one’s journey of faith.  For all people, Sunday is a reminder of man’s physical limitations, which require “a weekly rest,” as well as reminder of the importance of family and faith.
“Does this mean that on Sunday no work should be done at all? In no way.  What would happen, for example, if patients at hospitals and clinics were not cared for?  What would happen if bakeries, public transportation and gas stations were not open?  What would happen if movie theaters were closed and there were no sports events?  On Sundays we also need to receive news from radio and television stations and newspapers,” the bishop said.

He also underscored the need for places of entertainment that fulfill the human person’s need for recreation and make it possible for the entire family to be together. 

At the same time, Bishop Contreras continued, Chileans must remember that “not everything in our society ought to be based on economic relations.  To be human is more than just doing business.  Economic matters can subjugate the deep desire of the human person to rest, to be alone with himself or to spend time with the family and with the Lord.”
“The experience of economically developed countries shows that it is absolutely human—and just and necessary—to set aside a privileged time to cultivate family life, to spend time freely with others, to engage in leisurely activities as a counterpart to business and work during the rest of the week.  Sunday is a gift and a right for the fundamental structure of the human person,” Bishop Contreras said.

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