Chilean cardinal calls on candidates to stand up for human life and the family

Chilean cardinal calls on candidates to stand up for human life and the family

.- The Archbishop of Santiago in Chile, Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz, has called on the candidates for the upcoming elections to reveal their political platforms and urged them to make the defense of human life and the family based on marriage between a man and a woman issues of primary importance.
Addressing those gathered at the Cathedral of Santiago, including President Michelle Bachelet and other officials, Cardinal Errazuriz called for a transparent campaign in which the candidates lay out their platforms and refrain from mud slinging.
He went on to recall the recent statement by the Bishops’ Conference of Chile calling on candidates for political office to place priority on “the promotion of the marital covenant, which unites one man and one woman, and the family that results therewith, as well as of the respect for life from the moment of conception through all stages of development, until natural death.”
He urged them to promote public policies that are favorable to family life and to an increase in the birth rate, as Chile has one of the lowest rates in Central and South America.
Chileans see the family “as their great treasure,” he stressed.  “Our Constitution rightly protects the unborn and supports the family. And in order that all citizens may have a life of decency, we need candidates to reveal their firm commitment and their plans for overcoming poverty and for vigorously fostering human and economic development ...” the cardinal said.
He also called on candidates to inform voters of their plans to reduce poverty, improve education, win the fight against drugs and rehabilitate those in prison.

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