Christian groups still leery of Miers nomination


As she moves closer to yet unscheduled Senate hearings, Christian and pro-life groups are suspiciously eyeing Harriet Miers--George Bush’s pick to replace Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor--and wondering if her pro-life views will favorably fill the swing-vote seat currently occupied by O’Connor.

Jan LaRue, of the group, Concerned Women for America, said that, "CWA staff have been heavily involved in evaluating Miss Miers' background and qualifications," and "have learned nothing new that allows us to endorse her at this time."

"Whether we can eventually support her", LaRue added, "will depend on answers to questions raised in our memorandum and what is learned during the hearing process. We believe the American people deserve convincing evidence that Miss Miers can be trusted with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court."

Fr. Frank Pavone, of the group Priests for Life, has said that he trusts the president’s judgment and suspects that Miers may be the right pick.

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer on the other hand, blasted Miers’ nomination last week, saying that Bush’s nomination of his close friend and personal counsel sends the message: "'If you are pro-life keep your mouths shut and hide in the closet if you ever hope to advance in your career.'"

"The nomination of Miers", he said, "is a slap in the face to pro-life lawyers and judges who have not been ashamed of the principles that inform their conscience; evidently courage of conviction disqualifies candidates for the bench."

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