Church and Civil organizations in Mexico protest law that mandates condom distribution


The Catholic Church and other civil groups are protesting against a new health law aimed at preventing AIDS and which officially promotes the use of condoms and mandates their distribution in hotels.

Bishop Jesús González Marines of the Diocese of Tabasco explained that the new norms encourage promiscuity and are based on misinformation.  “The way to stop AIDS is to provide people a proper education and formation so that they are responsible with their sexuality.  For us, therefore, encouraging the use of condoms promotes promiscuity and abuse in all kinds of relationships,” he said.

Bishop González questioned the new health laws asking, “What’s the reason for this consumerist and money-driven propaganda for something that is not going to solve the problem?”

Likewise, the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels said the obligation to provide condoms in hotels would lead to immorality.

Gilda Díaz Rodríguez, President of the Association, rejected the inclusion of condoms in the package of personal hygiene items provided in hotel rooms.  “Of course couples, some recently married, some not, come to hotels, but so do children and so I don’t think it is very prudent to have something like that” in the room, said Díaz, adding, “I think its just another step closer to immorality in hotels.”

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