Church in Brazil celebrates national week for life and day of the unborn

.- The National Conference of Catholic Bishops of Brazil has announced that the Church will celebrate the National Week for Life from October 1-7 to promote the defense of all human life from conception to natural death.  At the conclusion of the week, on October 8, the Day of the Unborn will be celebrated.
The project is being coordinated by the bishops’ Committee on Human Life and the Family and the National Committee on Family Ministry.
The bishops are inviting all Catholics in Brazil and all people of good will to take part in activities such as prayer meetings, meetings for married and engaged couples, visits to nursing homes and maternity wards.
A statement from the Conference explained that the purpose of celebrating the Day of the Unborn on October 8 is to stress that human beings still in the womb have a right to life.  “For this reason this human being has the right to be respected in his integrity and dignity just as does any other person,” the statement said.