Church in Chile proposes solution to student conflict


The Bishops’ Conference of Chile has offered to mediate a solution to the student protests that have spread to several cities in the country.

In a statement signed by Bishop Hector Vargas Bastidas of Arica, president of the bishops’ Committee on Education, the Chilean bishops expressed their willingness to help overcome the student conflict if those involved should so desire.

“An authentic dialogue demands generosity from both sides in order take responsibility for their legitimate achievements, as well as to renounce what is necessary to foster the common good of all society,” the statement noted.

The issues put forth by the students have an impact on the daily life of schools, as well as on the students themselves and their families, the bishops continued.  They expressed their hope that young people would make an authentic contribution to building up a “civilization of love.”

At the same time, the Chilean bishops expressed their gratitude to educational leaders for having the political will to carry out necessary reforms that would improve the quality and availability of education.

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