Church in Mexico ready to mediate post-election conflict, says Cardinal Rivera

Church in Mexico ready to mediate post-election conflict, says Cardinal Rivera


Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico City said this week the Church is willing to help mediate the country’s post-election conflict if asked, but he emphasized, “There are many options in Mexico before this,” such as dialogue between all parties.

Speaking to reporters after Mass on Sunday, the cardinal said the Church’s participation in resolving the disputed results of the presidential election would not be immediate and that while the Church could act as an intermediary, “nobody has requested it and we are not walking around offering to do it.” 

Cardinal Rivera said the Church’s position has been that the dispute should be resolved justly for the sake of peace in Mexico.  The Church hopes “we remain united despite our differences, and above all that we all be concerned about Mexico and not about our own interests or parties.  Mexico should be before and above anything else,” he stated.

The cardinal said that amidst the election dispute people should be allowed to protest, “as long as third parties are not affected or violence is not encouraged, as this would be unacceptable.” 

Asked whether he would support a full recount, Cardinal Rivera said the Church “cannot get involved in these legal questions.”

Desde la Fe, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Mexico City, published an editorial this week reminding those involved in the dispute that their protests of the results “must not go beyond the legal channels upon which the justice and peace of society are guaranteed.”

“Our society in general has understood this moment and remains expectant that the respective institutions would intervene.  The citizenry remains calm and, while not refraining from expressing its political convictions, is convinced that there are legal ways and appropriate times to bring about the conclusion of this important process,” the editorial insisted.

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