Clinic closed down in Madrid for falsifying documents to justify illegal abortions


Officials in Madrid closed down the Mayrit clinic for irregularities including the falsification of documents in order to justify abortions, signed by a psychologist before he actually met the patients.

The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” reported that the closing was due to “major irregularities” at the clinic.

Health care officials said “various patient histories were bound together by a rubber band, labeled ‘destroyed’ and signed by patients and by employees who work at the center.”
In addition, patient forms were found at the clinic with many questions left blank but with the box “serious danger to life or physical health of the patient” checked, signed and sealed by the clinic’s psychiatric specialist. 

The scientific policy group Hay Alternativas praised the closing of the clinic, although it said officials took too long to do so.

“Both in Madrid and in the rest of Spain, a fraud of the law is being carried out in practically all of the abortion clinics, and government officials have always looked the other way.  Fortunately, the events that have taken place recently in Barcelona seem to have somewhat awakened those politically responsible from their lethargy, and we hope that this is only the beginning,” the group said.

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