CNA 'prepares the way' for new English Mass translation, responding to Pope's call for catechesis

Louie Verrecchio
Louie Verrecchio


Today Catholic News Agency (CNA) begins its weekly series of excerpts from acclaimed Catholic author Louie Verrecchio's new book, “And with Your Spirit: Recovering a sense of the sacred in the English translation of the Roman Missal.”

The 10 part series titled, “Preparing the way for the Roman Missal - 3rd Edition,” describes and explains important differences between the existing and new translations of the Catholic Church's liturgy. The new translation will become normative at the start of Advent in 2011.

The book represents Verrecchio's response to the exhortations of Pope Benedict XVI, who said last April that the new English translation of the Roman Missal will serve as a “springboard for a renewal and deepening of Eucharistic devotion,” provided that the clergy and faithful in the English-speaking world “firmly grasp the opportunity for catechesis that this time of preparation presents.”

"The forthcoming new translation is truly a great blessing for the Church, but the Holy Father was absolutely right when he cautioned that many will find the changes difficult to embrace," Verrecchio said. "Adding to the challenge is the fact that some detractors of the sacred language to come are actively stirring up opposition to the new text, and not surprisingly, misinformation is rather commonplace."

"That's why it's so important for all Catholics to discover the deeper meaning of the new prayers and responses - not for ourselves alone - but so we can 'offer a defense for the hope that is within us' just as St. Peter encouraged," he continued.

Topics discussed in the series include the origin of the current Roman Missal as a response to the reforms proposed at Vatican II, the essence of liturgy and the role of language in conveying its meaning, the true nature of “active participation” by the laity, and notable changes of language to features such as the Nicene creed, penitential rite, and the liturgy of the Eucharist.

"I think readers will be very excited once they come to see the new text for what it truly is; an effort to elevate the hearts and minds of the faithful into the realm of sacred mystery," Verrecchio said. "The discoveries that readers will make in this series will enhance their sense of the sacred at Holy Mass, not just when the new text comes into use next year, but immediately."
Louie Verrecchio has been a columnist for CNA since April 2009. In addition to the new work, “And with Your Spirit,” he has produced a series of instructional materials on the Second Vatican Council entitled “Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II,” as well as the book “Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Vatican II.”

A frequent guest on the Relevant Radio and Ave Maria Radio Networks, he recently appeared on the popular EWTN program “The Choices We Face” with Ralph Martin. Verrecchio’s work has received the endorsement of Cardinal George Pell of Australia, Bishop Emeritus Patrick O’Donoghue of England, Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City, IA, and other clergy and theologians.

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