CNA introduces "Nothing Left Unsaid"


Catholic News Agency is pleased to announce that it has added Hugh McNichol, as a featured daily columnist.  McNichol’s column, “Nothing Left Unsaid,” addresses a variety of current events that impact the American Catholic culture.  Here is how McNichol describes his column, and why he calls it, “Nothing Left Unsaid.”

“Nothing Left Unsaid” offers insights for CNA readers on topics of interest for modern American Catholics that constitute a forceful presence in our United States. There are many events scheduled to take place in our country where the faithful Catholic people will play a pivotal role for United States society. Naturally, in April we welcome our Catholic spiritual leader, Pope Benedict XVI to our country. His visit initiates for the Church a new period of restored Catholic identity that calls us as Americans to develop a deeper appreciation of both our Catholic faith and our integration into the shifting global demographics as both Americans and Catholics. With continued efforts, Benedict XVI is positioning the Catholic Church into a new age of religious and diplomatic participation with other countries and religious faiths. We need to critically understand our faith, our Pope and our world’s cultures as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ into future. Hopefully, this column will offer insights on our shared Catholic faith that permit all of us to share in the catechesis and evangelization efforts of the Church in our own backyards and throughout the world.

Current events in our country and throughout the world call all Catholics to become more aware of a larger dimension to our Catholic faith that we share with peoples all over the world. Hopefully, by writing this column about Catholic events, global events, papal travels and even engaging in some Catholic musings on my own parochial education and upbringing, we can know even more clearly Jesus’ message to all of us through the liturgical, sacramental, social and political interactions of the Church in the modern world. That is really my goal in writing this column, and I hope everyone joins me as we explore the dynamic aspects of our Catholic faith in this world, with Jesus’ teachings and sacraments as our common foundation.  I especially would like all of the readers of Catholic News Agency to feel free to comment and respond on anything written in this column. After all, we are all writing and teaching about our shared Catholic religious experiences. Feel free to send me an email anytime at [email protected]

Finally, thank you for reading the column. I hope that the great Catholic education inspired by the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Philadelphia) and the Norbertine Fathers of Daylesford Abbey will make this column one you look forward to reading every day. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam!

You can access McNichol's column through the link on the left-hand side of this web page or by clicking here.