Colombian bishops reaffirm their commitment to achieving peace


At the conclusion of their 86th Plenary Assembly, the bishops of Colombia issued a statement reaffirming their commitment to the search for peace in the country, which has been racked by years of violence.

In their statement the bishops give a brief overview of the current challenges and point to signs of hope such as “the mobilization of citizens to reject kidnapping and violence; a greater presence of young people in positions of leadership; the pro-active role of women in the Church and in society; the use of the mechanisms of participation enshrined in the national Constitution; the overcoming of political hatred that ignited the long and painful via dolorosa of violence in Colombia.”

“As our Assembly concludes,” the bishops continued, “we express our decision to be closer from now on to the displaced, to the families of the kidnapped, to the victims of violence, to all who are marginalized, and to bring them a message of solidarity and to offer them our vocation of service.”

“The country we dream of must be built by all,” the bishops said in closing their statement. “Aware of the difficult moment through which Colombia is passing, and feeling ourselves the effect of the conflicts and the contradictions, we make a decided choice for hope, with the certainty that the Lord Jesus who walks by our side will help us to build a country that is kinder, more just, with greater unity and solidarity.”

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