Colombian bishops to celebrate Mass for aborted children


The bishops of Colombia announced they will celebrate a Mass for aborted children in order to mark the first anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Colombia, which was the result of a ruling by the country’s Constitutional Court.


The announcement, signed by Bishop Hector Gutierrez Pabon of Engativa and spokesman of the Bishops’ Conference, states, “Because of the importance of promoting life for the building of peace in families and among peoples, the Church in Colombia will offer a Mass for children who have been aborted on Wednesday, May 10, one year after the legalization of abortion.”


Bishop Gutierrez noted that the justices of the Court “legislated behind the backs of the community and did not consider the thinking of Catholics who seek to defend life.  Therefore I hope that some day the Court is reformed and this ruling is reversed.”


The Church in Colombia has composed the following prayer to Mary for the Mass for Life on May 10:


“Mary, Mother of mankind, receive our prayer echoing the anguished cry of the victims of abortion, hatred, war and many other attacks against life.  Sustain the weak and console those who suffer unjustly.  Touch the hearts of those who reject the light of the truth and harden their own humanity by killing.  We come to you with confidence, Mother of mercy, Mother of life.”

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