Communion at the center of Bishops’ meeting

Communion at the center of Bishops’ meeting


While US Bishops were getting ready to discuss this afternoon at the Inverness hotel in Denver a common stand on weather to deny Holy Communion  to Catholic public authorities who support abortion, pressure groups outside the hotel exchanged words on the issue.

In an empty construction field across the street from the Inverness –which has been closed to the press, - American Life League’s Judy Brown read a statement announcing the release of a “Crusade for the defense of our Catholic Church.”

The “Crusade” will kick off on Wednesday with a full-page ad on USA Today. The ad says: “This Sunday, as many as 500 pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians will be allowed to receive the Holy Eucharist, the body and blood of Christ, because nearly all Catholic bishops have chosen not to enforce Church Law.”

“Under Canon Law 915, America’s  Catholic bishops, priests, deacons and Eucharistic ministers have an obligation to end this public sacrilege being perpetrated by so-called Catholic, pro-abortion public figures against the body and blood of Christ,” the statement also says.

60 feet from the ALL press conference, six members of “Call to Action” were holding a prayer vigil in beach chairs and displaying banners calling bishops to accept the ordination of women.

“The denial of communion by some bishops to Catholic politicians on various single issue grounds goes against Catholic teaching and seems more like partisan politics than inclusive church,” said Amy Sheber Howard, Vice president of Call to Action.”

“The Catholic community, just as the larger society, must be able to have civilized discussion about important issues on which people of good will can have different opinions and differing strategies fro achieving the common good,”  said Lena Woltering, a CTA national board member.

Another 10 feet away from the small CTA group, pro-life leader Randall Terry and some companions were holding a large sign saying “Bishops please deny communion to Kerry & Co.”

Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue is leading a 50 hour continuous vigil to pray for bishops “to deal with the scandal involving John Kerry and others. He has also sent a letter to all US bishops asking each one of them “to clearly state two things to the public at large, and to the Roman Catholic community in particular in your diocese:

1) that any politician or candidate who supports abortion is not permitted to receive Communion in your diocese.

2) That Roman Catholics in your diocese cannot in good conscience support a candidate for any office from any party as long as that candidate supports abortion.”

After discussing aspect related to the Dallas Charter during Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, the Bishops have embarked in the discussion of the issue of communion. No statement has been announced.

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