Concern in Uruguay over decision by cable ops to cancel EWTN

.- Popular Jesuit priest Father Horacio Bojorge denounced the decision by two cable operators in Montevideo to drop EWTN from their lineup and said it was causing great concern among Catholics, who are facing an increasingly hostile secularism.

“The silencing of EWTN El Canal Católico (the network’s Spanish-language broadcast) in the city of Montevideo has generated great concern, and at the same time it is an attempt to cement the strong prevailing secularism,” Father Bojorge said.

He reiterated that the Church in the country is constantly facing a “ferocious secularism” that “has taken shape in different areas of social life.”

Although Uruguay has a Catholic university, he went on, it is only 20 years old.  Likewise, Radio Oriental, which was purchased two years ago by the Archdiocese of Montevideo, “is facing serious problems in obtaining sponsors,” and Radio Maria had to overcome serious obstacles in order to open a station in the country. 

Father Bojorge explained that the Uruguayan culture is being influenced by a secularism with a hundred year-long history which, according to the prevailing thought of the day, validates or invalidates the actions of Catholics.

This has even influenced “the thinking of the clergy and the Catholic people,” who often are encouraged to “be more Uruguayan than Catholic.”

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