Contrary to Argentinean journalist's claims, Church opposes same-sex 'marriage'

Contrary to Argentinean journalist's claims, Church opposes same-sex 'marriage'


Bishop Jorge Luis Lona of San Luis, Argentina said last week that both “same-sex marriage and civil unions would constitute unjust discrimination against true marriage and the family.  Citing a recent statement from the Bishops’ Conference of Argentina, he said the bishops leave no room for doubt in their opposition to such proposals.
Bishop Lona’s comments came in response to an article in which a journalist “who is known for his experience and knowledge of Church affairs,” and is “published in one the most widely circulated newspapers in the country, made himself the official spokesman of the bishops and said the Church has decided to support the alternative of civil unions.”

“We are simply amazed at the lack of logic that borders on the absurd. But we also have the responsibility to clear this issue up for the public and for the senators of our province, so that they can be voices that bring light to this debate that is threatened by confusion,” the bishop said in his statement.
Bishop Lona noted that the bishops of Argentina have clearly stated that making same-sex “marriage” legal would constitute discrimination against marriage and the family.

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