Converted Mexican author denounces abortion “holocaust”

Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui
Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui


Eduardo Verastegui, one of the most successful Mexican actors in Hollywood today, has become one of the strongest voices against the legalization of abortion in Mexico City. 

He rediscovered the faith of his parents in the most unlikely place on the planet and he has no fear of public rejection for his denouncing of the holocaust of abortion. Verastegui has revealed his pro-life convictions to various Mexican media outlets and he has created an organization in California to help those in need, especially women who are seeking abortions.  

In an interview with the magazine “Hola,” he said he was “very frustrated over what is happening in Mexico today. I think there is tremendous manipulation of the news that the Mexican people are being given.  The law cannot be based on lies, because abortion is a crime.  That is a scientifically proven fact,” Verastegui said. Abortion “is a terrible holocaust in which millions of innocents are ‘legally’ dying.  It’s something so grave, so profound, it goes beyond any philosophy or religion,” he added.

The Mexican actor went on to say there is no justification for abortion. “Let women do with their bodies what they wish, but the baby? What happens to the baby who has no voice and can defend himself? Perhaps 100 years ago there could have been doubts, only by faith could one think that there was life from the moment of conception. But today it is something scientifically proven, there is no doubt.”

He said that his own experience has shown that “most women who go there do not want to do it.  It is something completely unnatural.  I have been to clinics and when I talk with young women, they are scared, they feel alone and without help. 

We must think about how to help them more. We must help them see other options,” he said. The 33 year-old actor tasted fame at an early age and recently became a rising star in Hollywood. 

His most recent film, “Bella,” was warmly received by critics. For many years Verastegui said he sought happiness in fame and in success but as time went on he realized he was “empty.” 

“In my search to know what was beyond this emptiness, I began to ask myself the great questions that everyone asks at some point in life: What am I doing in this universe? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What’s the meaning of all this? And in this search I began to meet with other kinds of people in another setting.” “I realized I had been selfish.  Thats the things that had made me walk ahead blindly were vanity and pride.  I lived in a constant contradiction; I wanted to do good things and I was not doing them,” he said.

The actor said he promised himself he would never do anything contradicts his moral principles or that would misrepresent Hispanics, “neither in film, nor in television nor in any other media.”

He said that his parents suffered greatly when he quit studying to become an actor and began to lead an immoral life. His mother turned to prayer. “I think the prayers of my mother have had a lot to do with all of this. You know the saying: ‘There is nothing more powerful than the prayers of a mother for her children.’  After seeing my case, I am convinced of it.  All the change I have experienced in my life, the new people that drew close to me during my crisis, were undoubtedly the fruit of the prayers of my mother,” the actor said.

When asked what he learned most from his parents, Verastegui replied, “My faith.  It is a gift that God gave me through them.”

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