Costa Rican bishops to defend the family before Congress


Two Costa Rican bishops will defend the institution of the family during a meeting with the country’s lawmakers on October 13.

According to Fides news agency, the president of the Bishops’ Conference of Costa Rica, Archbishop Hugo Barrantes Urena, and the president of the National Committee on Family Ministry, Bishop Jose Francisco Ulloa will attend a forum on human rights and the family that will take place at the Costa Rican capitol building. 

The meeting is being organized by Representatives Rita Chaves Casanova and Oscar Alfaro Zamora, both members of the congressional committee on Human Rights.  Bioethics expert Juan Manuel Burgos and representatives of the Evangelical Alliance and the Center for the Study of the Latin American Family will also be present.

Efforts are currently underway in Costa Rica to change the country’s laws defining the family.

During their last meeting, the Costa Rican bishops reaffirmed the traditional family and its “fundamental role in the formation of society.” They also emphasized that the home is primarily where the education and development of the human person takes place.