Couple urges Argentinean president to defend the unborn


An Argentinean couple has sent a letter congratulating Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner for the upcoming birth of her first grandchild. Dr. Luis Aldo Ravaioli and his wife, Maria Margarita, urged the president to translate her joy into a commitment to defend the rights of the unborn against attempts to legalize abortion.

The couple reminded President Kirchner that, “from the moment of conception, and not from implantation, the life of your grandson/daughter began as a new, unique, unrepeatable, defenseless, innocent and weak life, a life that has its own human DNA,” reported AICA news agency.

They called on President Kirchner to consider that “many of your officials and lawmakers of your own party and of the opposition support the decriminalization first and then the legalization of abortion. They use false statistics of maternal mortality, of complications from clandestine abortions and other fallacies and lies that are neither scientific nor reasonable.”

“You will fiercely defend your grandchild, and rightly so. By defending your grandchild, you will defend the mother and the father, and you will be an example of love for unborn life, no matter what its biological condition.  And you will be a defender of love for life for the elderly, the terminally ill, the disabled, etc.,” the couple wrote.

They urged President Kirchner to rid her government of “all supporters of the ‘culture of death,’ which ends up becoming the ‘death of the culture’.”

The couple expressed their best wishes for safe and healthy delivery of the baby and happiness upon all members of the Kirchner family.

Argentina's Congress is currently debating a measure that would legalize abortion the country. The bill is supported by President Kirchner.

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