Cuban bishops express joy at election of Benedict XVI


“The Catholics of Cuba are very happy with this election,” said Bishop Jose Felix Perez, Adjunct Secretary of the Bishops Conference of Cuba.

The bishop said that with this election, the cardinals have ratified “the paths of strength and compassion” that then-Cardinal Ratzinger “had already laid out.”  He added that as soon as he returns from Rome, Cardinal Jaime Orgega of Havana will celebrate a Mass in honor of Benedict XVI.

“He is a man who has shown much wisdom, compassion and humanity, something today’s world needs greatly,” Bishop Perez told the AFP news agency.

On Tuesday, church bells rang out across Cuba upon the election of Benedict XVI, and hundreds gathered at the Cathedral square in old Havana.

Cuban television provided extensive coverage of the announcement of the election in St. Peter’s Square, including the first words of the new Pontiff.  However, during another marathon speech that night, Fidel Castro made no mention of the event.

The next day, Granma, the offical poublication of the Cuban regime, published five paragraphs on the election of Benedict XVI.

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