Cuban cardinal describes advances, calls for more openness for Church’s work


In a recent homily at the Cathedral of Havana, Cardinal Jaime Ortega Alamino underscored the advances the Church in Cuba has made in society but he called for greater openness for her work of evangelization, especially in the areas of education and the media.


During his homily, the cardinal pointed out that “the Holy Father invites us to consider, at this difficult time for humanity because of the global economic crisis, what the material and moral deficiencies of our time are that have led to this crisis, generating a growth in poverty, the main negative factor for peace, since, as always happens, it is the cause of unrest and even social violence.”


After commenting on the need to re-establish solidarity for confronting the global economic crisis, Cardinal Ortega pointed out that “the Church’s mission in Cuba is none other than to foster values, support the family as an indispensable institution, open paths of hope, since without motivated men and women the desired economic and social improvement that has been announced in the country cannot take place.”


“We are not content with eventual broadcasts on radio and television, we should have systematic access to the press, radio and television. We can never put aside the educational mission of the Church, which could have other dimensions, we want to continue expanding our work with the elderly, who are so numerous, and also with other groups in need,” the cardinal added.

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