Cuban dissidents recall death of the exiled priest


The Christian Liberation Movement in Cuba is commemorating the death of Cuban priest Father Francisco Santana who died in exile on January 28, 2004. In a statement, the movement recalled the heroism of Fr. Santana “who suffered greatly during the final months of his terminal illness.”

"He suffered exile until he died, as the Cuban government never allowed him to even visit his beloved homeland. With that sorrow in his soul, and barely able to breathe, he gave his last the oppressed Cuban people as well as the persecuted Church of Cuba.”  He upheld “the message of hope and proclaimed the good and great news of liberation," the statement indicated.

The movement underscored that Fr. Santana was "not a political priest," but rather "one who was persecuted with the persecuted,” he was “poor with the poor and weak with the weak."

"While others spoke of Fidel and religion, he spoke of God,” as well as “Cubans and their faith.” 

"He was a constant evangelizer, a messenger of reconciliation among all Cubans,” the movement added.  Fr. Santana  created "a true bridge of solidarity between Cubans in Cuba and those around the world.”  He encouraged them to send  “medicine, food, and many other necessary things for those in need."

"He was an inspiration and a companion of the Christian Liberation Movement.  A pastor, a brother, a friend in every trial. He was the best of friends," the movement said.

"Thank God for Fr. Santana," the statement concluded.

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