Cuban leader says Church wants to serve, not impose Catholic doctrine

.- The director the magazine “Vitral,” Dagoberto Valdes, who is one of the most prominent lay Catholic leaders in Cuba, said this week the Catholic Church there has never sought to impose the faith but rather has dedicated herself to serving society.

In an interview with the Cubanet news agency, Valdes maintained that the, “Church in Cuba during these 47 years has always had as her motto the phrase of Jesus Christ: ‘What would you like me to do?’  That is her response to the state, to the opposition, to Cubans on the island, and Cubans in the diaspora, to everyone,” he said.

The Church, “has a well-defined mission,” in the changes that are coming in Cuba, Valdes continued, because, “she is mother and teacher of all men and women, and at the same time she is the universal sacrament of salvation.”

Valdes also praised “Vitral” and said it would continue to serve the people as long as the Church deems it necessary.  “The day we think we are no longer serving, Vitral will disappear,” he stated.

While the magazine has received much support from outside Cuba, Valdes underscored the importance of the support Vitral has received from, “the Catholic Church, from the Diocese of Pinar del Rio, from the priests, monks, and laity here.”   

According to Cubanet, Valdes is a simple man, “who seems unaware of his notoriety in Cuba.  Herein lies his principle merit; he sees himself as just another Cuban, an average Cuban who has decided to stay forever on his beloved island, no matter what happens, contributing with his multiple talents.”

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