Cubans honor exemplary Catholic politician during Catholic Social Week

Cubans honor exemplary Catholic politician during Catholic Social Week


As part of the ninth Catholic Social Week, sponsored by the Justice and Peace Committee of the Bishops Conference of Cuba, participants of the event taking place in Camagüey honored a hero of Cuban independence as an exemplary model of political commitment and fidelity to Catholic principles.

During the “public gestures” that are part of the Social Weeks in Cuba, participants gathered for a celebration at the monument honoring Ignacio Agramonte, located in the historic center of Camagüey

Addressing those participating, including Archbishop Juan Garcia of Camagüey and president of the Justice and Peace Committee, noted Cuban intellectual Dr. Roberto Mendez said it was appropriate that “on this occasion the Social Week celebrate its public gesture here, next to his bronze statue, and even more so as a gathering dedicated to peace.”

“Yes, it is very appropriate,” Dr. Mendez added, “as was that memorable January 23rd in 1998 when the Eucharist was celebrated by Pope John Paul II next one of his other monuments in this city.”

According to Mendez, “When many others leaned toward deism, agnosticism or atheism, not only did Agramonte make his consistent Christianity the crown jewel of his thought, he was also an example of a lay Catholic who embodied the culture of his times, without timidity or hesitation.”

After the speech, two young people read excerpts from letters Agramonte and his wife Amalia Simoni sent to each other.