Czech Bishops’ Conference slams Da Vinci Code for dishonoring Christian symbols

.- The Czech Bishops’ Conference has joined the chorus of protests against the Da Vinci Code book and movie, saying that the work’s author, Dan Brown, has smeared basic Christian symbols in order to gain publicity.

Conference spokesman Martin Horalek said, “Offending or trampling upon the religious sentiments of somebody in order to make money is simply despicable.” He pointed out that the Dan Brown book is an intentional attack on Christian sentiments and he compared it to the cartoons depicting Mohammed.  

“The only difference is that Christians do not take to the streets, they do not use violence and they do no call for the death of Dan Brown,” he added.

Francisco Mata Marcano, director of the Opus Dei-affiliated University Center in Prague, also spoke out against the “Da Vinci Code.”  “In terms of its style, the book does keep you in suspense.  The problem is that it attacks the fundamental values of the Christian faith, of the Catholic faith.”

“The impact of this book could also be very positive,” he added, “as people may become interested in the person of Christ and seek out more information and thus arrive at the truth, which we find in Sacred Scripture.”

In terms of the confusion the book could cause in the Czech Republic, Marcano noted that since the book’s release there several months ago, there has not been any “unusual reaction.”  

“While it was the most read book last year, I have not seen a significant reaction from people.  I think that the image of the Church that is conveyed in the schools of this country is already quite negative.  Therefore the book isn’t really saying anything new, in my opinion,” Marcano said.

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