Diocese says November election is crucial in embryonic stem-cell debate

.- The Diocese of Rochester is urging voters to consider the ethics of embryonic stem-cell research when going to the polls next month and not to give their vote to a candidate who is willing to fund the controversial science.

In the heated statewide debate on embryonic stem-cell research, the upcoming election could decide the issue. Many Democratic candidates have clearly stated that they want Congress to push for federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research.

The diocese also blasted a new ad, currently running in Syracuse but which could soon run in Rochester, which falsely states that Congressman Jim Walsh (R) has voted against stem-cell research.

The diocese has clarified that Walsh has voted against more federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research but in favor of adult stem-cell research, which the Catholic Church supports.

Embryonic stem-cell research creates and kills human life for the sake of research, whereas adult stem-cell research utilizes cells from adult tissue, without causing the death of any person.

Diocesan Life Issues Coordinator, Jann Armantrout said she believes that more than 200 researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center, who support embryonic stem-cell research, are bluffing when they warn that without more federal or state help to fund embryonic stem-cell research, they could leave the state.

These scientists are currently working on adult stem cells and have come out with some of the most advanced treatments to date, she noted.

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