Dissident leader calls on Cuban government to hold free elections


The coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement, Oswaldo Paya, has called on the Cuban government to  hold free elections, because “it is obvious Cubans want real change.”
“Give the people back their rights and hold free elections without delay, based on a new electoral law so that the people can exercise their sovereignty,” Paya said in a message released on Sept. 13, after a meeting that marked the 23rd anniversary of movement.
“It’s time for change because Cubans want a new life and they want to bring about these changes through their own peaceful means and for the good of all,” Paya continued. “Without hatred, violence, exclusion, holding on to everything that is good and bringing about everything that is new.  But now.  Let’s have true change for once,” he said.
“Those who govern us, who are also Cubans and sons and daughters of this nation, continue to be absorbed in their own power and do not want to listen to the popular outcry which up until now was not expressed because of fear,” Paya said.
“The essence of the changes is freedom, rights and reconciliation. It is possible to build peace and justice among all Cubans in a transparent process and an atmosphere of trust that can only be achieved within respect for the rights of citizens in law and in practice,” he added.

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