Dominican cardinal blasts the U.N. for promoting immorality

Dominican cardinal blasts the U.N. for promoting immorality


The Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, expressed his disbelief this week that the U.N., which proclaimed life to be a “solemn right,” is promoting immorality—such as abortion—throughout the world.


“For this reason the Church fights in all parts of the world, because there are so many irresponsible people, beginning with international organizations, beginning with the U.N., which was founded in 1948 and proclaimed a solemn, first right: life.  Sixty years later a woman has the right to kill her child. What have we come to? That was either a trick or this is just a comedy,” the cardinal said during a Mass for the month of the family.


The cardinal warned that “killing children or promoting marriages between all kinds of people, men with men, women with women,” leads to nowhere. 


The countries that choose to experiment with these things “will sink morally,” he added.


“I don’t thank the U.N. for anything, nothing, since today it is making such a great effort to spread this immorality throughout the entire world,” Cardinal Lopez Rodriguez continued. 


Calling on Dominicans to “defend our country,” the cardinal exclaimed, “To those who want to come and bring that immorality here, get out! We are not interested. We are quite capable here of figuring out how to live according to our own understanding.”

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