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Drug companies want to produce RU-486 in Italy and downplay pill’s dangers


In response to the request by some Italian drug companies for permission to manufacture the abortion pill RU-486, the Association Scienza & Vita warned that the “introduction of the abortion pill RU-486 into Italy represents the last stage of the process of the banalization of abortion, which has been occurring for some time in Italian culture.”

“With this drug the choice of abortion has been banalized to the point of being reduced to a ‘pill’ without considering its ethical implications and the psychological relapses it produces.  It is a pill that, as is known, carries with it serious risks for the health of women,” the association said in a press release.

Scienza & Vita also warned that the use of RU-486 causes “a de facto ‘clinical abortion’ that is not foreseen in the current norms, which in addition are unjust.”  “With RU-486, women are again left alone: first they are not helped to overcome the causes that lead them to abort; and second, we ‘wash’ our consciences by proposing to them an ‘easy’ form of abortion.  In the end, let us not forget the use of RU-486 can be fatal for the woman: 10 times more so than in the case of surgical abortion,” the press release pointed out.
“This assessment has already led some countries to reconsider its use.  Therefore, it is strange that some in Italy want to make this drug available,” the association said.  “Who should we blame for the next death?  The Italian drug agency?  The minister of health? All of the Pontius Pilates who work in these institutions?” the association asked.

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