Drug manufacturers in New Zealand acknowledge abortifacient nature of morning-after pill

.- The manufacturer of the morning-after pill in New Zealand has acknowledged that the drug can cause an abortion during the first weeks of pregnancy.

According to LifeSiteNews.com, Schering Ltd, the company that makes the morning-after pill in New Zealand has included a pamphlet with the drug that informs women that one of the effects of the pill is to prevent the fertilized ovum from implanting itself in the womb of the uterus, thus causing an abortion.
Although Schering Ltd admits that the morning-after pill can cause an abortion—a fact that has been repeatedly denied by some doctors, researchers, drug makers and government officials—the indications included in the drug’s packaging do not alert women to this possibility.

In addition, females of any age can obtain the drug without a prescription despite the efforts by organizations such as Right to Life New Zealand (RLNZ), which has opposed the sale of the drug without a prescription and has demanded that the indications that come with the drug include information about its abortifacient nature.

Ken Orr, a spokesman for RLNZ, said his organization is seeking to re-open the issue.  “It is now our intention to again take this issue up with our Minister of Health seeking to have this drug named correctly as an abortifacient and not incorrectly as a contraceptive,” he said.

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