Ecuadorian bishop warns power grab could lead to dictatorship

.- Bishop Julio Teran Dutari of Ibarra, Ecuador, expressed his support this week for the recent declaration of the Bishops Conference of Ecuador denouncing the concentration of power as a possible prelude to dictatorship, and he reaffirmed that “this is not a position against any one individual but rather an analysis of what is happening in the country.”

The bishop explained that the Conference makes declarations based on objective analysis of the state of the country and he recalled that, “We have heard about the concentration of powers in one political direction under the leadership of the President of the country.  It is a fact everyone knows about.”

“If we have said that this situation could lead to anarchy or a dictatorship, it’s not a position against any one person but rather an analysis of what is happening in the country,” the bishop explained.

In response to the current political state of the country, Bishop Dutari emphasized, “There is no time for mutual accusations and much less for mudslinging and discrediting the other side.”

“We all must assume the responsibility of seeking out paths forward. Of course we have to count on the Government because it has the authority.  We are all responsible for collaborating so that authority is duly exercised, within constitutional norms,” he added.

On the other hand, Bishop Dutari responded to lawmakers who have criticized the declaration, emphasizing that it has been misinterpreted to mean the bishops are “taking a position in favor of a specific political party” and against others.  “There is no reason to have this kind of reaction,” the bishop stated.

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