Education for the Citizenry praises Supreme Court

Education for the Citizenry praises Supreme Court


The organization Professionals for Ethics has denounced the curious praise the CIVES Foundation has offered to the Supreme Court of Spain for its ruling on the course Education for the Citizenry when the contents of the ruling “have not yet been written.”

“The issue [of their satisfaction over the ruling] would have no importance were it not for the fact that the ruling which the CIVES Foundation claims it knows has not yet even been written,” the organization said in a statement.

Professionals for Ethics recalled that CIVES is led by a former Socialist congressman and has been responsible for training hundreds of teachers to impart the Education for the Citizenry course.  It has labeled organizations opposed to the course as “ideological and conservative.”

“CIVES ignores the more than 52,000 conscientious objections that have been made and the 288 court rulings that support those who object to this course,” the organization stated.