Education for the Citizenry promoting explicit sexual content to children in grade school


In response to the distribution of a comic which features explicit sex scenes to grade school students, the secretary general of Professionals for Ethics, Fabian Fernandez de Alarcon, warned that this type of content could be included next year in the course Education for the Citizenry, as socialist leaders “have stated that sexual education” is part of the course material.

The Popular Party recently denounced the School Board of the Spanish province of Castilla-La Mancha for distributing a comic book to grade school children called “El Quijote.” The comic features graphic sexual depictions between the main characters.
Fernandez de Alarcon criticized the school board for ignoring the issue. He noted that sexual education is “an issue that many parents prefer to explain to their 10 year-old children when they think it is appropriate and not when the government of Castilla-La Mancha thinks so.”
He warned that this kind of content could be included next year in the new edition of Education for the Citizenry, because Socialist leaders said the course material will include lessons on “the sentiments and emotions, interpersonal relationships, that is, on questions that are directly related to the intimacy of students and that violate the rights of parents.”
“We must remember that various Socialist leaders have said that sexual education is part of Education for the Citizenry.  Let us not forget as well that according to the government’s law on education, the new course, Education for the Citizenry, should be developed as part of the values-based education that should cut across all school activities,” he said.

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