‘Education for the Citizenry’ seeks to normalize homosexuality among Spanish students, expert warns


The secretary general of the organization Professionals for Ethics, Fabian Fernandez de Alarcon said this week that recent statements by homosexual activist and Socialist leader Pedro Zerolo are a clear signal of the government’s agenda for the course, Education for the Citizenry.

Marking the World Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Zerolo said the Socialist Party supports "education that promotes sexual diversity" and has called for an end to the boycott against the course.

Fernandez de Alarcon said the statements by Zerolo show that Education for the Citizenry is not intended to teach the Constitution and human rights but rather to contribute to the Zapatero government’s agenda of social transformation.

"For this reason Education for the Citizenry seeks to normalize homosexuality among children and young people beginning in grade school. Let’s not forget this course is being offer to students ages 10-17, and according to the official curriculum, it is intended to delve into the principles of personal ethics and address issues related to human relationships and emotional education, helping students to build a moral and civic conscience in accord with the pluralist, complex and changing societies in which we live," he said.

Fernandez de Alarcon said Zerolo has always been a strong defender of the course and for the "full equality of gays and lesbians. From this perspective, Education for the Citizenry is a giant step forward."

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