Education, not condoms, key to fighting sexual diseases, says Mexican bishop


In response to a plan to install condom dispensing machines in the regions of San Luis de Potosí, Mexico, Bishop Roberto Octavio Balmori of the Diocese of Ciudad Valles said this week, “The use of condom machines is just escapism.  What is needed is education.”

The Catholic Church pointed out that although it rejects the plan, the Church is open to dialoguing about real solutions to the problem of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, which should be brought about through the formation and education of young people.

“As a Church we are in favor of human promotion, education and formation in values, which have proven to be authentically effective,” said Bishop Balmori.

While the numbers of diseases and of pregnancies have dramatically increased, Bishop Balmori said authorities should not let desperation lead them to promoting the use of condoms as an answer to an urgent situation.

“Installing the machines, more than promoting protection, will promote  relations between young people,” he warned.

According to Bishop Balmori, “Authorities, schools, families and the Church should keep in mind that the use of condoms is a short-term escape, which encourages an act that is not right,” and he went on to say that, “the problems of disease and unwanted pregnancies should not be considered only from the point of view of public health, but also as situations that can be resolved through values.”

“Sexuality is very beautiful, it was created by God for procreation, but it should be exercised in a correct fashion; we teach young people that God gave us, but that it should be used in love, which in the Church is made manifest through one of the sacraments: Marriage,” he concluded.

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