Educational programs pushing anthropology without God, denounces Spanish cardinal


The archbishop of Toledo, Cardinal Antonio Canizares, denounced educational programs in the country that aim for “the disappearance of man, of the truth about man,” despite the fact that man’s greatness is “found in God.”

Without explicitly mentioning the Education for Citizenship course, the cardinal lamented that educational programs in Spain promote “a godless anthropology.”  “That’s the reason for the position of the bishops and of so many Christians who have responded to certain educational aspects [of Spain’s pro-homosexual educational program], because we are conscious that of what is at risk,” he said during a farewell Mass for three priests who are being sent to Peru.

In this sense, Cardinal Canizares criticized modern society saying that “today’s culture has no future because it is based on a defeated mankind” and goes against the gospel values.

“Today’s culture sees a humble mankind as a defeated mankind, as a mankind that has no perspective or future, because everything depends on mankind, on the decision of mankind, on mankind that only worries about himself,” he explained.

The cardinal said the “spirit of the modern age” is characterized but a “constructivism” that destroys man.  The media contributes to this withdraw of God from man’s life, “and we are swallowing that in a suicidal and unconscious manner.”

“We need to follow God’s model and not that of the cynics.  We need to follow the path of the wise, to follow the wisdom of God, because thus we will walk in the truth that makes us free,” he said.

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