Ethics group says Spain’s new abortion law legitimizes violence against the innocent


The president of the organization Professionals for Ethics, Jaime Urcelay, has criticized Spain’s new law on abortion which has now taken effect, saying it legitimizes the death of the most innocent—the unborn—and forces ideological-driven sexual education on schools.
“The first to be affected is the child whose life will be taken.  But in addition, many women feel compelled either directly or indirectly to have an abortion for economic or professional reasons or out of pressure from family members or society,” he said.
Urcelay also warned that the new law attacks the right of health care workers to exercise conscientious objection and could force them to perform abortions.  “Everything indicates that a registry of doctors who object to abortion, a sort of ‘black list,’ will be compiled, which in reality is threat to those who object,” he said.
In response to a section in the law that deals with sexual education and addresses the supposed “right to abortion” and “sexual diversity,” Urcelay called it “a new form of school indoctrination that parents must not allow because it violates our right to educate our children." 

"For this reason," he declared, "as soon as we learn how this sexual education will concretely be implemented in schools, we will respond with all of the legal means at our disposal.”

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