Europe’s greatest heritage is its Christian roots, asserts Italian lawmaker


Italian congresswoman Paola Binetti called on Catholics this week to “strongly express the great vitality of Christian thought, the richness of its traditions and the knowledge that the best part of Europe comes from its Christian roots.”

Binetti made her remarks on the final day of the 31st Symposium on Theology held at the University of Navarra in Spain.

After maintaining that “it is always possible to recover (Christian) roots,” she urged Christians to make a “serious effort to collaborate with the culture in order to put forth concrete political proposals and be capable of providing answers that go beyond the philosophies and ideologies of the day.”

“They should be more active in public life and see politics as one of the most important areas in which they can assume responsibility for the common good,” she said.

“Our current society in Europe ought to put into practice with greater intensity the values that refer to the person (life), the family and society,” Binetti said, exhorting Catholics to be “courageous and bold in defending ideas that are often counter-cultural.”

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